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Modafinil - active agent acting on the human brain, preventing attacks of narcolepsy. On this basis, produces several products under separate trade names (see below in the "analog" section). Modafinil is registered in the US and Europe as a medicine. In Russia, the drug is on the list of narcotic substances. Funds on the basis of modafinil banned for use by athletes undergoing a doping control! Buy Modafinil online !!!

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This substance can stimulate brain activity, removing sleepiness. Of course, this property is manifested not only in patients with narcolepsy, but also any person whose activity and attention are reduced as a result of lack of sleep. This leads to the danger of abuse of modafinil. However, researchers are trying to prove that the drug is not addictive and has no drug potential. Effective means like amphetamines, increasing the release of dopamine and norepinephrine. But also, the hypothalamus increases the level of histamine. Generally, the exact mechanism of action of modafinil on the body has not yet been described.

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Used for:
narcolepsy; Research is being conducted drug modafinil in patients with a variety of other pathological conditions. For example, an experimental treatment is carried out:
attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity in children; disorders of mental activity in patients with multiple sclerosis and those who underwent chemotherapy; fatigue and sleepiness in patients with certain diseases of the liver; and so on.

However, this is only a hypothesis, many of which are not confirmed. In many cases, side effects of this therapy are more significant than a positive effect on health.

Producing modafinil tablets of various dosages. For example, each tablet or Modalert Alertek means contains 100 mg of active substance. Instructions of this drug reported that it should be taken twice a day - morning and afternoon (about noon). At the reception is offered from 1 to 2 tablets. The exact treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor. regular dose effect becomes noticeable after about an hour after ingestion - modafinil online

Brand name Modafinil: Alertek - USA, Provigil- EU, Modalert - India

Cheap Modafinil is one of the best means to stimulate mental activity, here is even a petition calling on the government to eliminate modafinil from the list of drugs and legalize it in the territory of the Russian Federation. The death of V. Tsoi is a very strong argument.

According to the official version, he fell asleep at the wheel. Fighters for modafinil projecting the situation to date and believe that the drug would help to avoid such accidents. Only they do not take into account that even in Europe and the US are selling drugs, not all, but strictly according to the recipe at "narcolepsy" diagnosis. That is, modafinil can not be obtained only by saying that you are going on a long journey, which have been administered doses tested Modafinil USA, UK, EU.